Bob Dylan - Hard Rain (Live 1976)

Hard Rain. A live album by Bob Dylan, captured during the second leg of the Rolling Thunder Revue.

The album was recorded on May 23, 1976, during a concert at Hughes Stadium in Fort Collins, Colorado; the penultimate show of the tour, the concert was also filmed and later broadcast by NBC as a one-hour television special in September. (Hard Rain's release coincided with this broadcast.) Neither the album nor the television special was well-received. Oddly, the album is named after one of his most famous songs, "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" — but that song happens to be missing from the album (although the song itself is the opening song on the actual special). The fact that it poured rain for most of the concert may be the reason for the title.

Mick Ronson was also a member of Bob Dylan's "Rolling Thunder Revue" live band, and can be seen both on and off-stage in the film of the tour. Fans of trivia may note that it was on this tour that Dylan began experimenting with the use of stage make-up, another possible Ronson influence.

1. "Maggie's Farm"– 5:23
2. "One Too Many Mornings"– 3:47
3. "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again"– 6:01
4. "Oh, Sister" (Dylan/Levy)– 5:08
5. "Lay Lady Lay"– 4:47
6. "Shelter from the Storm"– 5:29
7. "You're a Big Girl Now"– 7:01
8. "I Threw It All Away"– 3:18
9. "Idiot Wind"– 10:21


* Bob Dylan - Vocals, Guitar
* Mick Ronson - Guitar (courtesy of RCA Records)
* T-Bone Burnett - Guitar, Piano
* Steven Soles - Guitar, Background Vocals
* David Mansfield - Guitar
* Rob Stoner - Bass, Background Vocals
* Howard Wyeth - Drums, Piano
* Gary Burke - Drums
* Scarlet Rivera - strings

Live Rain


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm looking forward to hearing it. Ronson was amazingly versatile, wasn't he?

Well, what now? said...

That's crazy, I'm surprised that it wasn't received well - this is one of my favorite pieces of Dylan's career.