THE BLACK KEYS - Magic Potion (2006)

One of the better "LO-FI" Blues rock groove bands - The Black Keys. Named after a schizophrenic artist friend in Akron, who used the term "black keys" to describe things he disliked or people he did not trust. This is their new drop - "Magic Potion". If you like this check out their new live DVD too.

One of their trademarks is their preference for simple recording techniques. They refuse to use big name studios, and do most of the recording, producing, and mixing themselves. The album Thickfreakness was recorded mostly in its entirety in 14 hours in Carney's basement on an early 80's Tascam 388 8-track recorder. Another trademark is not following the 'norm'. They typically use odd recording techniques as well as what some may consider off the wall playing techniques.

The Black Keys were included in the soundtrack of the 2003 movie School of Rock with their song, "Set You Free."

The Black Keys have achieved increasing critical acclaim and recognition since their debut album. Time magazine named them one of the "10 Best Acts of 2003"

Black Keys
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Anonymous said...

your title says magic position not magic potion.

Anonymous said...


The archive contains one file that is "0" bytes - track 3.

thanks for the music.


Anonymous said...


I should look carefully, BEFORE I post.

There was another track 3 which was OK, SORRY!!!

Again, thanks for the music.


Trustar said...


Very very cool album. I dig it the most!

Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.