STEVE GAINS - One In The Sun

This album has a little bit everything. From the soul horns in " It's Alright" to the honkytonk piano playing in " Give It To Get It"
Or the great Les Paul pickin he's known for, in the blues number "Nothin Is New"...

I won't kid ya. This is mostly for fans of Gains. But on one those Saturday afternoons, when your locked down in the house, due to rain or housework. Kick this burn around give it a good listen. You may be surprised. Just pure songs from the late great Steve Gains.


ONE IN THE SUN, the solo release from Steve Gaines--best known as a guitarist with Lynyrd Skynyrd, features nine tracks including "It's Alright."

Thanks to his backup singing sister Cassie, Steve Gaines joined the legendary rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1976, filling the spot vacated by ex-Strawberry Alarm Clock guitarist Ed King 2 years before. Gaines and his sister (along with lead singer Ronnie Van Zandt) were killed in a tragic plane accident over Mississippi that silenced the band for many years. A decade later after fans had studied and investigated Gaines' background, MCA decided to release these recordings for the faithful who wanted to hear what he had done in the rest of his short life. The Oklahoman had recorded the tracks on this release with producer John Ryan prior to joining the supergroup. Having been out of print on CD for many years, Lemon Records made this album available once more in 2005.

1 - Give It To Get It
2 - It's Alright
3 - Blackjack Davy
4 - On The Road
5 - One In The Sun
6 - Talkin' About Love
7 - Nothin' Is New
8 - Take My Time
9 - Summertime's Here

Steve Gaines - guitar & vocals
Terry Emery - keyboards, tuba
John Moss - guitar & lead vocals on "On The Road"
John Seaberg - bass & vocals
Ron Brooks - drums & percussion
Tommy Lokey - horns
Bruce Blair - additional keyboards
Chip Miller - congas

STEVE GAINS - One in the Sun
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