IGGY POP - Kill City (1977)

This has to be my favorite post Stooges recording by the Godfather of Punk. A masterpiece. Low production. No hits. No Sales. No crital reviews. ...the lyrics on this, are the best Iggy has ever penned post Stooges.
" Joanna, I hate you baby, cause your the one I love"

Some of the best work created by any Artist, seems to be, when they are about to lose all their marbles. (Barrett, Van Gough)... Or were they? This LP was initially recorded in 1975 at a time when the Iggster was confined to an "insane asylem" (his own description). During a weekend daypass, he recorded the vocal tracks. Jimmy Williamson recorded the music in 1977. If you havn't herd this, don't miss it.

James Newell Osterberg, Jr. (born on April 21, 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan), better known by his stage name Iggy Pop. Pop is considered one of the most important innovators of punk rock and related styles. He is sometimes referred to by the nicknames "the Godfather of Punk" and "the Rock Iguana", and is widely acknowledged as one of the most dynamic stage performers of rock. Pop was the lead singer of The Stooges, a late 1960s/early 1970s band that was highly influential in the development of hard rock. The Stooges became infamous for their live performances in which Pop leapt off the stage (thus inventing the "stage dive"), smeared raw meat and on one occasion peanut butter over his chest and cut himself with broken bottles. Many subsequent performers have imitated Pop’s antics.
Although he would never regain the vitality of his days with the Stooges, Pop has had varying degrees of success in his 25 years as a solo artist. His best-known songs include "Lust for Life", "I'm Bored" and "The Passenger" (the latter based on a poem written by Jim Morrison).

Pop was born in Muskegon, Michigan to Newell Osterberg. He began his music career as a drummer in different high school bands in Ypsilanti, Michigan. One band was the Iguanas, where he acquired the name Iggy. After exploring local blues-style bands he eventually dropped out of the University of Michigan and moved to Chicago to learn more about blues. Inspired by Chicago blues as well as bands like The Doors, he formed the Psychedelic Stooges and called himself Iggy Pop. He got the name Pop because he once shaved his eyebrows for a show, after which he looked like a friend with the last name Pop who had recently undergone chemotherapy and was eyebrowless himself. The band was composed of Pop on vocals, Ron Asheton on guitar, Asheton's brother Scott on drums, and Dave Alexander on bass. After almost two years they made their debut in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

One year after their debut, and now dubbed the Stooges, the band were signed to Elektra Records in 1968. The Stooges' first two albums, The Stooges, produced by John Cale, and Fun House, sold poorly, although they had a lasting influence on the burgeoning punk movement. Shortly after the new members joined the band broke up because of Pop's growing heroin addiction.

In early 2006, Iggy and the Stooges headlined Australia's Big Day Out. The Stooges are currently at work on a new album, tentatively due out in 2007. It will feature tracks produced by Steve Albini and Jack White of the White Stripes.[2]
In August 2006 Iggy and the Stooges performed at the Lowlands pop festival in the Netherlands.
A bio-pic of Pop is in the works with Elijah Wood taking on the major role. The film has a working title of The Passenger and is due to begin filming in late 2006.


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