JOHN CALE - Slow Dazzle (1975)

Well... when I was a young self inflicted pretentious maniac art punk in my early twenties attending art college in Toronto, there were a number of bands, that people were listening to. They acted as the soundtrack, and influenced our creative minds. The early British music glam scene and the New York art and punk scene were massive during those days. Enter the Velvet Underground, Patti Smith, New York Dolls, Mott the Hopple, Bowie, T Rex, Roxy Music and finally Iggy.

So here's a cat that on one level, was the needle and thread to many of these bands. This was his 5th solo record after leaving VU. Underrated I must say. Hey... The man produced the Stooges for crist sake!!!!! Nuff said!

John Davies Cale (born March 9, 1942) is a Welsh musician, songwriter and record producer. He is best known for his work in rock music (including being a founding member of the Velvet Underground), but he has worked in a variety of styles over the years.

In 1965, he joined Lou Reed in the newly-formed Velvet Underground, but left in 1968, due in part to creative disagreements with Reed.

Cale appears on the Velvet Underground's first two albums, The Velvet Underground and Nico and White Light/White Heat. He sings on a few songs, plays viola, bass guitar, piano and organ (particularly on "Sister Ray") and co-wrote some of the material, but perhaps his most distinctive contributions are the electrically amplified viola drones which add greatly to the overall atmosphere of the records.

He is said to have influenced the sound of the early V.U. much more than any other members (and often disagreed with Reed about the direction the group should take). After Cale left the group, he seemed to take the harsher, more experimentalist tendences with him. This is noticeable in the differences between the noise-rock experimental album White Light/White Heat, which Cale was involved in, and the relatively calm album The Velvet Underground released after his departure.

1. "Mr. Wilson" – 3:17
2. "Taking It All Away" – 2:59
3. "Dirty-Ass Rock 'N' Roll" – 4:44
4. "Darling I Need You" – 3:38
5. "Rollaroll" – 3:59
6. "Heartbreak Hotel" – 3:14
7. "Ski Patrol" – 2:12
8. "I'm Not The Loving Kind" – 3:12
9. "Guts" – 3:27
10. "The Jeweler" – 5:07

John Cale

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Bruno Ysla Heredia said...

Thank You! I like very much the music of John Cale, specially the Island years era (I don't have complete Helen of Troy, do you?) but i like his 1982 LP "Music for a new society".