Rogers Waters In Toronto

The Roger Waters show was spectacular. A night of visual imagery filled human sensibility and artistic simplicity. But just when you felt all nice and fuzzy with love spewed via the human spirit, Waters would splash film and images of humanity's darker past with pictures of Bush, Stalin and the tools of war. Black and white. Good and evil. Love and hate. The bright or dark side of the moon. Or showing us a reflection of Humanity's achievements, with a life size NASA astronaught. (floating around the the stadium via remote control). Or the destruction that we humans are capable of. Using real live pyro on stage, resembling the deadly mortar attacks, of WW1 to get the message arcoss. Again and again stunning visiauls. Either with backgrounds of WW1 and WW2, or big blue planet earth from the moon's point of view.

But just when you think that Waters must be some tortured soul, he would play a majestically graceful tribute, to the late great Syd Barrett with "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". Running original black and white footage of Syd, and what looks to be somewhat of a film school montage he created in 1967.

These were all subtle subplots for the viewer to take in, if they were so inclined. The music was still the principal character in this rock spectacle. Big sax solos. Three lovely women singing background. Two key/organ players. Three guitars. And Waters's vox still sounding great. But I did miss Doyle Bramhall 11, not playing the David Gilmour parts on guitar. He will be playing in the same building on Sunday as the third axe on Eric Clapton's world tour.

After a 15 minute official interruption for a mind break and sweet smoke, he would segue into what we had all come to witness. "Dark Side of The Moon" played in it's entirety.

The show ran from 8:30 to 11:05 without an opening band.
Encore: Another Brick In tHe Wall - Part 2
Comfortably Numb

Highlights for me: Dogs Pigs or Sheep (can't remember) (with the slaughter in the air)

12 beers out of 12
(they just don't make em like that anymore)


Anonymous said...

Floydian art.
Great thing.
Ever grateful.

Anonymous said...

Saw the show last night. Still can't get over it.

doc said...

Well, perhaps I don´t see the link, but I don't get it.
How do I do?

Anonymous said...

Caught the show last night in Phoenix (10/3), awesome show, saw him years ago on Pro and Cons tour, just as good now as then.