The Politicians - Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic (1971)

This is pure, unadulterated hard heavy funk in the style of early Funkadelic, early Ohio Players and those sadly underrated soul bands out of the Invictus stable (100 Proof Aged in Soul, Flaming Ember).
The Politicians were in fact the Invictus house band and trombonist McKinley Jackson was in practice its head. This album, originally released under the title "The Politicians featuring McKinley Jackson" in 1972, came into being after Jackson's contact with Funkadelic - he can be heard on Funkadelic's 1971 tune "Back In Our Minds". Impressed with George Clinton's entire Thang, he wrote and recorded "Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic", a heavy funk track washed in psychedelic gimmicks.


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Anonymous said...

Hi there, sorry you feel you're efforts are being ignored, but it's just lazy theft I suppose! I LUUURV your blog and DO appreciate all your time & trouble. I love being turned on to new things and the sound of 'The Politicians'really intrigues me! I'm 'thieving' it now! Please don't stop your blog...'they' will miss it when your gone. Thanks again.
P.S. You wouldn't have a copy of Betty Davis' Hangin' Out in Hollywood'? I've heard it's crap but I've got everything else [paid for!].
Malenka 2000

ZubZub said...

hey wino - picked this up the other day, very sweet. Thanks for the tunes and I enjoy the blog.

Comandante Mira said...

Please please, please, repost this album!!!!! please please

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Loving this album.

Thankyou so much!!