GLENN HUGHES - Music For The Divide (2006)

Hailing from Cannock, England, Glenn Hughes is a vocalist/bass player/songwriter who has a long and distinguished career to his credit. He's best-known for his work with the bands Trapeze and Deep Purple in the early to mid 1970s, both of which were true pioneers in the hard rock genre. Trapeze enjoyed some success in America, and with Deep Purple, Glenn achieved worldwide superstardom and earned a place in rock history.

After leaving Deep Purple in 1976, Glenn based himself in Los Angeles and released his first solo album, PLAY ME OUT. That album blended a mix of funk, soul, jazz, and pop with rock to create a unique sound which, along with Glenn's incredible vocal aptitude, set the stage for the diverse path his career would take in subsequent years and the singular, alluring style he would bring to all of his future work.

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Clandestine said...

So he was in Deep Purple as well? I'm familiar with him from his work with Black Sabbath. Exactly how many singers DID Tony Iommi steal from Ritchie Blackmore, anyway? I count three...

The Wino said...

Check out Deep Purple "Live in California 74" avaiable on DVD at Amazon. David Coverdale on vocals, but Glen Hughes is on Bass and he gets to sing a few bars...KILLER!...I'm a huge Coverdale fan ( but dare I say) he "almost" slays Coverdale.

Glen Hughes is belts out the falsetto on this DVD!