The Muggs (promo songs)

Man these dudes haven't come out of my player in the last three days. Calling the Motor City home... these cats ROCK!... ala Cactus meets Humble Pie. They are blowin off to Spain very soon on a tour. Tonymuggs tells me. When they come back, they start kickin out their second album. Visit their site. Here is a pull of 5 promo songs from their first release.

visit: www.themuggs.com or www.myspace.com/themuggs

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The Muggs
by Gary Blackwell

Anyone who's seen The Muggs play out knows the trio's music is essentially a rock guitar clinic backed by a solid rhythm section. The band's forthcoming full-length CD isn't much different from the live sets (both in theory and in overall sound), serving as a Godsend for fans of blues-tinged nuggets in the vein of late 60's/early 70's stalwarts such as Bloodrock, Humble Pie and Free.

It's not a lie to say that Danny Methric's guitar chops are the focal point of the album, though drummer Matt Rost and keybassist Tony DeNardo serve up impressively thick slabs of rhythm to back him up. The band's at its best during the three-minute riff-fest "Gonna Need My Help," which couples a nasty riff with thumping bass and drums, Zeppelin-esque vocal wails and a goose-bump raising solo. "Rollin' B-Side Blues," "If You Please" and "White Boy Blues" show a dirtier, grooving side of The Muggs, proving that the band's got a sultry swagger to go with its guitar throttling bravado, as well.


Marie et Fabienne said...


We are Marie and Fabienne two girls from Paris, France and we love rock'n'roll so much. Nice site you got there. Those tracks by the MUGGS are fuckin' great, this band rules!!! Please, we beg you for more: post the full CD, s'il vous plait. :-)

ps: btw, if you also got the PAYBACKS CDs, don't hesitate to post them as well...

Merci beaucoup,

Marie et Fabienne

Dustbin Eddie said...

i second that request by the french chix, give us more of that stuff, dude.

ratboy69 said...

i can only agree with the previous posts. This band really rocks. WE WANNA HEAR MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!

The Wino said...

I'm glad you cats dig this post as much as I do.

I have promised the band that I would only post the promo songs. But you can always do what I did. Order a disc for a mere 15 bucks USD over at their webpage. www.themuggs.com

It'll be be the best 15 bucks you ever spent on music this year...I promise

And all you lucky Spaniards, don't miss their live shows in Spain comming up soon.

the wino

Anonymous said...


If you live in Canada or Michigan, USA...you will be lucky enough to catch The Muggs on PBS TV tonight (Saturday Jan 6 2007) at 11:30pm for a one hour special.

Marie et Fabienne said...

Bonjour cher wino,

Quelle déception. Although we can understand that you don't want to break the promise you made to the band, we were quite disappointed by your answer, to say the least. It is totally impossible to get this CD in FRANCE and if we order it overseas, the charges and the custom taxes will make the price rise to over 30 euros.... would YOU pay more than 30 bucks for one CD?

Isn't there any solution to let the people who are interested in the band listen to it without posting it on your blog? You could use "http://www.yousendit.com/" , where big files stay for seven days. Publish the link only in the comment. Isn't this the best solution frenchies like us could come up with :-) ???????

ps: btw, if you also got the PAYBACKS CDs, don't hesitate to post them as well...

Merci beaucoup,

Marie et Fabienne

Anonymous said...

For the french girls : i hope the WINO listens to your plea and makes us all happy, in the meantime, here are 3 CDs by the PAYBACKS

1) knock loud : http://www.sendspace.com/file/5ozyyn

2) harder and harder : http://www.sendspace.com/file/s5yw16

3) love, not reason : http://www.sendspace.com/file/6x6gpy

Enjoy, girls

SVEN the Viking said...

WINO, in SWEDEN we would never let 2 french damsels in distress like that. You gotta do something, man. Plus, if someone comes up with a link for THE MUGGS on your own site like somebody did for the PAYBACKS, you really gonna look like a FIRST CLASS LOSER!

The Wino said...

First off...I don't have the disc yet. I'm still waiting for the the full length CD I just ordered from The Muggs. Hopefully they will get my order, before they leave for Spain. So...Ladies...I smell roadtrip. Spain is next door to France. I mere cakewalk compared to the distances we travel in North America to go see a show.

Sven: In Canada...our word is solid. Sorry.

and by the way...Tonymuggs was cool enough to offer to ship to Canada for free for me. So it was the least I could do. (There are plenty of blogs out there).

and that will be all on this matter.
The Loser