The New Meanies - Three Seeds

The New Meanies, a 4 piece rock band out of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada (Randy Bachman's home town). Blues-influenced rock. I'm not sure what ever happened to this great little band. The were a hard working outfit, always in the van touring like hell. Winnipeg being an eight-hour drive from anywhere, they were known to drive non-stop from B.C. to Manitoba. Sometimes hard work never pays off. Nobody ever warned the boyz, that rock n roll is a visoius game. So much for the dream eh? Especially in this counrty. Now that they are a little more experienced to the GAME, hopefully we'll see their talent again some day.

Three Seeds

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Sky Onosson said...

Hey, I just came across your post here (a few months late, but what the hey...) I'm the bassist from the Meanies, so thanks for the nice words! The band is still 'together', though we haven't done anything really this year, everyone working in other projects as well. Still, we're aiming to play again. I don't know if we'll be out in S. Ontario anytime soon, but keep your eyes and ears open.


Anonymous said...

Go To www.myspace.com/newmeanies

It's new, just came across it

I think there is a rumbling in the earth..I hear meanies in the air.

I can't wait I hope those guys do something...They were and still are Canada's best band...To this day I play the discs over and Over

Anonymous said...

Sept 21/07

Hey I agree with that last comment. I remember The New Meanies Rockin Canada non-stop. Seen them a whole bunch of times. Where the heck are they? I just checked out that my-space that's awesome. I really hope these guys get back out there. So many bands in the last few years have tryed to dupicate their sound, but damn it THE NEW MEANIES were so talented and just such a great band. I'm In Vancouver and I think it's time for those guys to screw those other projects that I saw the bass guy say that their doing, and focus on what we all want to hear again.
Peirce cole...

Anonymous said...

The New Meanies, OMG OMG...I love those guys. Damon Mitchel is one of the most INTENCE/INTENCE, up there with the world's best Guitarist, and singer, with so much SOUL, that I've ever seen. And the others soooo talented. I have the first CD and Three seeds, but it's not the same as seeing them live. Yeah screw those other Projects, that's nice and all. But your life purpose is to bring us Meanies ha ha. How can we get these guys to play, why won't they go and play shows. What's the deal.
Chase Etterman