The Stooges

I just read somewhere that The Stooges are back recording again. It's called "Weirdness" and is to drop in March.. So if anyone has an advance copy and wants to post the link in comments, I wouldn't disaprove. ;}...

Featuring founding members Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton, and Scott Asheton along with new bassist Mike Watt (Minutemen/fIREHOSE) and Fun House saxophonist Steve MacKay. It is set for a March 20, 2007 release.

Also, you can read the coolest rock n roll rider in the history of rock here. If you don't know what a "rider" is, you have to read this:


The album was recorded by Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studio in Chicago, Illinois during October 2006, and was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, England in December of that same year. A day by day recording diary was being posted by Mike Watt at his website, but was mysteriously deleted from the site at some point. The album was referred to as Secret Plan by Watt in the diary.

According to Watt's online diary, the songs will include a finalized version of "My Idea Of Fun" (first heard on the live CD Telluric Chaos) and a cover version of The Beatles' "I Wanna Be Your Man", while a November 20 article on the album, derived mainly from an interview with Pop, also gives the following song titles as appearing on the album: "Trollin'", "ATM", "You Can't Have Friends,", "The Weirdness" and "Greedy Awful People." Further titles were announced in December after the album was mastered.

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Anonymous said...

I´m sure,Iggy´s new album with The Stooges will be great. I heard last year some new track at the
Hodokvas festival in Slovakia. Great
Iggy is my all years fave singer.