Black Diamond Heavies

If you dig the Black Keys, Jon Spencer, Mofro, The Black Keys, MC5, Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski...well then you'll probably enjoy these Low- Fi dirty blues garage rockers. The Fender Rhodes is phenomenal here. A nice change to the ears. Dejected lyrics like "Fuck that car, Fuck them shoes...I'll leave em in the god damn street".

I'll call them dirtbag gasoline blues rockers from the south. The underdog I would say. But if they do get any substantial adulation from their contemporaries in the near future, is will be very deserving at the least. Don't miss this. Long live all underdogs of music - wino


Unique punk-ass blues duo from Tennessee, a soulful rock'n'roll outfit born in the junkyards of the South. The Heavies are John Wesley Myers (bass keys, Fender Rhodes, organ, and voice) and Van Campbell (drums and vocals). "With a bottom end bigger than Homer Simpson's arse and not a guitar to be heard it's an album that's heavily reliant on Myers' keyboards for its colour. The good news is that we're not let down and he's a tremendous player." - I94 Bar.

"When you think of ‘bluesy garage rock,' blaring electric guitar coming out of an overdriven amp is usually the key musical ingredient. But the Tennessee duo who goes by the name of Black Diamond Heavies completely forgot use of a six string, as a Fender Rhodes electric piano takes its place throughout their debut. Surprisingly, the move results in a down n' dirty good time." - Greg Prato



Anonymous said...

this is fucking god!!!



Trustar said...

Thanks Senor Wino.

Excellent post.
Down and Dirty. Just the way we like it!

Keep up the great work here amigo.

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Gordon said...

Refreshing to have no guitars in an album like this. Good Stuff.

Thanks man,