Black Moth Super Rainbow - dandelion gum (2007)

Well it's Sunday morning and I'm having the ol' ritual - of tea and toast. And on the stereo is this irregular and trippy recording called "Black Moth Super Rainbow" Thanks to the alien on acid (AGAIN) for this absorbing find. You always blow me away. I like my music rock, hard and soulful, but I also enjoy the psychetrip too. Lots of light air filled music made with synthesizers here. I'll call it NU-Psyche. Late late night spinning or early morning tea and toast . It's all good. Catch them live in the New York City area this month.

Is that a Moog Clockwork Orange I hear???? ;}

Pittsburgh acid-psych poppers Black Moth Super Rainbow are so deliciously trippy that they should come with sugar cubes and paper blotters. To call “Dandelion Gum” hypnotic is pretty well on the money, but it’s only part of the story. If the Flaming Lips ever decide to embrace their real freakiness and abandon pop music all together, they’ll probably wind up sounding a bit like Black Moth Super Rainbow. - alien on acid


pass: mud


dave said...

I have no idea who this lot are but their name and album title are both such a wonderful combination of words that they've got to be worth a listen. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

most excellent! your blog rools!