Grindhouse (Soundtrack)

I may go see Grindhouse tonight. The Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez film.
A grindhouse is a term for a theater that mainly showed exploitation films.
Sexploitation, Blaxploitation, Cannibal films, Zombie films, Shock films ect. Grindhouse films are also referred to as "exploitation films." Grindhouses were known for non-stop programs of B movies, usually consisting of a double features. Many of these in inner-city theatres.

When I was 20, the first exploitation film I saw in a Grindhouse was a hillbilly horror film called "The Hills Have Eyes". I think it was at the Cornet Theatre in Toronto. Double Bill horror films - The good ol days!!! There are still a few left in Toronto. The Metro on Bloor Street comes to mind. Although, it's only porno on the flicker.


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Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC FLICK...and great music TOO!