Humble Pie - Rock On (1971)

The final studio album to feature Peter Frampton, Rock On saw Humble Pie establishing the sound they became famous for, but this was not where Frampton wanted to be and within a year he had quit the group to pursue his solo career and take his music in a more acoustic direction.

The album itself boasts only one popular song, that being "Stone Cold Fever", but it has some real highlights to it like Steve Marriott's ballad "A Song For Jenny" which features The Soul Sisters (Doris Troy, P.P. Arnold, Claudia Lennear) on backing vocals and B.J. Cole contributes pedal steel guitar too. "Strange Days" is a ballsy blues rocker as Marriott's vocals soar the closest to a live performance that any on this album reach, it is also the longest song on the album too, the vocals having a delayed echo making it all the more out there yet grounded.

1. Shine On (Frampton) – 3:00
2. Sour Grain (Marriott-Frampton) – 2:40
3. 79th And Sunset (Marriott) – 3:01
4. Stone Cold Fever (Ridley-Marriott-Shirley-Frampton) – 4:09
5. Rollin' Stone (Chester Burnett) – 5:59
6. A Song For Jenny (Marriott) – 2:35
7. The Light (Frampton) – 3:15
8. Big George (Ridley) – 4:08
9. Strange Days (Humble Pie, Words-Marriott) – 6:36
10. Red Neck Jump (Marriott) – 3:06

Released 1971
Recorded January, 1971
Producer Glyn Johns & Humble Pie


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Side3 said...

I wouldn't say this album only had one popular song...."Shine On" is probably the best known as as it was included on Frampton's "Frampton Comes Alive" which probably sold more copies then all the Pie albums combined!