Mountian last night

Great night last night, watching the legendary Mountain with Corky Laing and Leslie West
Here's a picture from the Jeff Healy's Roadhouse bar. The new location.


Middle Aged White Guy said...

Sheeee-it! I've been a Mountain fan since Mississippi Queen came out, got 'most all their & LW's stuff, still like to crank the audio box and rock my socks off to them and could have been there in an hour and I DIDN'T FREAKIN' KNOW THEY WERE IN TOWN! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! Much as it nauseates me to listen to 'radio', maybe I should turn one on once in a while (Q & CHUM-FM still on the air? Pete & Geets? Chum charts? Dave Marsden?) and/or read a paper or something or drop by A&A's or Sniderman's Music Hall or The House of Lords once in a while (sigh, yeah, I know). Please tell me they sucked, so I won't feel so bad (8={

You did tape this gig, right? :-}

Middle Aged White Guy said...

p.s. - Who's the skinny guy and why didn't you post a pic of Leslie? ;-) I hear that his next solo release will be called "Mole Hill".

The Wino said...

The show had it's weak moments. But hell...it's Leslie freakin West....HELL YEAH!

Dave Marsden...man you are old.. ;}

and yes I did manage to shoot some video. Mississippi Queen and Corky's drum solo. looks great too! I will try and get it up on YouTube soon. STAY TUNED.


Middle Aged White Guy said...

>Dave Marsden...man you are old.. ;}

Yeah, I'm so old, I remember The Leaf's winning the Stanley Cup. Now THAT'S old!

I look forward to seeing the Mountain footage on my tube. What channel will it be on?


The Wino said...

I'll post the Youtube link here, once I've converted and uploaded. This week some time.

(It's a rather large and time consuming file.)

The Wino said...

mississippi queen at Jeff Healey's