The Delta 72 - 000

The Delta 72. An American alternative music band formed in Washington, DC in the summer of 1994, later relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Killer wah. Trippy Space Echo. Nice keys/organ. Cool vocals. What more can I say. Great dig. Get it! Check out track 9 - "Great Paper Chase"

Recorded in Philadelphia's Tongue and Groove Studio, the band enlisted the recording prowess of indie rock's Adam & Eve, Neil Haggerty and Jennifer Herema of Royal Trux. They utilized all the ideas and equipment they had at their disposal, including the board that recorded such touchstone albums as the Rolling Stones "Exile on Main Street", Prince's "Purple Rain" and a couple of Led Zepplin's records, among many others in the popular vernacular. Mike Musmanno engineered the sessions, Neil and Jennifer recorded and mixed the mess, and Sally Yakuds mixed one song (Just Another Let Down). Sally recorded Lennon's Plastic Ono Band, The Band and numerous Tom Petty albums.

"000" reveals The Delta 72 making what they say a natural progression from their older sound to an updated version of rock and roll. By no means are they trying to exclude older Delta 72 fans, they want everyone to come along on their magic ride. They have just grown up a bit and wanted to make a different record than their previous efforts. It's all about the change, baby. It had to be.

Of course, there is still the blistering songs that harken back to early Delta 72 sounds like McGriff Intro. There's a remake of Hip Coat, from their first ever 7 inch releases. And then there's songs that pay homage to some early Stones of Faces jams like the slower, more melodic Just Another Let Down. The Delta 72 even brought in Delores and Syreeta Ford for the sessions, two local gospel singers from the Ford Memorial Gospel Church, to belt out some awesome back up vocals. All told, there's flat out new songs, and a couple of songs that they have been playing out live for half a year.

1. Faces Intro
2. McGriff Intro
3. Just Another Let Down
4. Blow Up
5. Hollis
6. I Feel Fine
7. Ten Pounds
8. Hip Coat
9. Great Paper Chase
10. Samba/Nowhere

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