Love Battery - Far Gone (Sub Pop 1993)

Here's another Love Battery post by request. This is argubally their best effort! DON"T MISS THIS!!!. Classic Subpop sound!

In 1993 the Far Gone album appeared, which to many was considered a disappointment (not electric mud!) following Dayglo's critical success. Initially Far Gone was to be released by PolyGram Records but due to contractal problems with Sub Pop Records, Far Gone was dumped by the major label. Instead an inferior 'rough mix' of the album was released by Sub Pop, a problem which Love Battery planned to rectify by remixing and reissuing but never did.

The "Fuzz Factory" video was shot in Las Vegas and featured the band driving around in a white Cadillac convertible, hinting at Hunter S. Thompson's famous book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas years before the film of the same name starring actor Johnny Depp was released.



rotten rabbit said...

Damn this is an INCREDIBLE record. Electric Mud brings the groove...again, again & again!

Cheers bro.

Dgrador said...

My fave subpop band.

H. said...

Thanks! Classic album. By far their best!