Paul Rodgers - Live in Glasgow (2007)

Paul Rodgers, best known for being a member of Free and Bad Company. Both bands experienced major international success in the 1970’s. Before establishing a career as a solo artist, he was also a member of The Firm and The Law. He has recently toured and recorded with Queen.

Rodgers was born December 17, 1949 in the northern English town of Middlesbrough. He played in local band 'The Roadrunners', which just prior to leaving Middlesbrough to break into the London music scene changed its name to The Wildflowers. Other members of this band were Micky Moody (later of Whitesnake) and Bruce Thomas (later of Elvis Costello and The Attractions). Rodgers first premiered onto the British music scene in 1968 as singer/songwriter for bluesy rockers Free. In 1970, they shot up the international radio charts with the Rodgers/Fraser rock classic "All Right Now". A #1 hit in over 20 territories and recognised by ASCAP in 1990 for garnering over 1,000,000 radio plays in the US alone. The song played a pivotal role in introducing Rodgers' stylistic metier, while helping to establish the sound of the British blues/rock invasion. At the time, Free and Led Zeppelin were the biggest grossing British acts. Free released four top five albums with a combination of blues, ballads and rock. The Multi Million Award was given to Paul Rodgers in 2000 by the British Music Industry when "All Right Now" passed 2,000,000 plus radio plays in the UK.

01. I'll Be Creepin'
02. The Stealer
03. Ride On A Pony
04. Radioactive
05. Be My Friend
06. Warboys
07. Feel Like Makin' Love
08. Bad Company
09. (I Just Wanna) See You Smile
10. Louisiana Blues
11. Fire And Water
12. Wishing Well
13. All Right Now
14. I'm A Mover
15. The Hunter
16. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
17. Seagull

Paul Rodgers

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