Grand Funk Railroad - E Pluribus Funk (1971)

E Pluribus Funk is Grand Funk Railroad's fifth studio album, and was released in November of 1971 by Capitol Records. This is the final Grand Funk Railroad album produced by Terry Knight. In 1972 Grand Funk Railroad fired Knight.... Knight then sued for breach of contract, resulting in a protracted legal battle.

I don't think the band ever recovered from that green stink of legal battles from that day forward. Don't be fooled by the look- a-like, who is singing with the current GFR at your local Casino.

Mark Farner hasn't been with the band in years.

Great Band. Great Record.



Anonymous said...

Funny, it took three guys to TRY to replace Mark Farner!!! (JMHO)It just doesn't work!

dripple32 said...

I saw GFR about 3 years ago during the short period that Mark was back with Don & Mel

Its funny I remember listening to them in the 70's and still have a few of their albums that I bought when they first came out (strange leafy substance still in the folds of the double albums)

They put on a fantastic show in a real small venue. It was a great flashback. Unlike alot of bands that do reunion tours years and years after they should have hung it up. This band still kicked ass !!!

Thanks for the GFR

dripple32 said...

ouch just looked at my ticket stub and realized it was a bit more than 3 years ago it was actually almost 10 years ago !!!!
1998 Cohassett Mass
Damn i'm getting old