Sam Kinison - Live from Hell (1993)

Here's a post from late great Sam Kinison. My favorite comedian of all time. (Next to John Belushi).

Every once in awhile. If your lucky. You get to ride a shooting star on the wave of a rare talent. Sam was one of those talents. I was lucky enough to see him live in his prime. I was a fan before he was big. Some girl I was dating at the time, gave me a bootleg cassette back in 87. The first time I herd it I knew he was gonna be huge. My friends would ask me to play the "Sam" tape when ever they came around. Lying around on the living room floor listening to his "Jesus Christ" bit would have as all in stitches. It was just a matter of time before the world would catch on.

Kinison was working to become clean and sober in the months before his death, and he married his girlfriend Malika Souiri in 1992. Just six days after the wedding, Kinison's white Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was struck by a seventeen-year-old drunk driver on US 95, four miles north of where it intersects Interstate 40, near Fort Mohave, Arizona and Needles, California. He was not wearing a seat belt, and his chest struck the steering wheel upon impact. A passerby immediately notified emergency services and attempted CPR, but with no success. Kinison was taken to the Needles Desert Community Hospital but died of his injuries on the way.

Live From Hell would be released a year after his death.
Check it out. Nothing cures the blues like great comedy. (Okay maybe music too).



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