Solarized - Driven

From the moment Solarized kicks in, you know this is going to be a helluva ride. Scorching guitars, fierce vocals and thunderous rhythms make this an extremely powerful sonic blast of Rock N' Roll. Solarized comes at you with the force of Monster Magnet and intensity of White Zombie. You'll hear the classic sound of early Kiss infused into the music as well as the thickness of Leslie West and Mountain. Throw in the old and the new and you have a band that's literally "Hotter Than Hell". "Born Of Fire" reminds one of KISS's "God Of Thunder" with it's mid-tempo heavy ended evil aura. When you put this one up against a major label release, you find that you'll hear songs that are more exciting, LOUDER, and much more interesting. Frontman and guitarist James Hogan does a commendable job with the production, is it perfect, no, but it's appropriate. The overall sound is raunchy and live-sounding. You get the feeling that hearing this band on stage and the CD are one in the same. There's no easy way to categorize this, you could say it's B-Movie Rock N' Roll, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Rock or whatever turns your crankshaft. Bottom line, this fuckin' rocks hard and will drive you wild.

by Torch


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