Deadman - Music by Neil Young

A Black and White Western. This is the soundtrack recorded for the film by Neil Young. Young's electric score feels like a ghost train. And the passenger??? It's the spirit of the film's truth ringing in the tones. The music in this film, is as powerful as Ennio Marcone's music was to the Sergio Leone westerns. Electric Guitar with a tank full of reverb. That's it. No vocals. It's very rare to find a Western these days. Never mind one that's filmed in B&W with cool music. Kick back. Crack a bottle of wine. And watch this flick late at night. Where else will you find Iggy Pop as Salvatore "Sally" Jenko, a cross-dressing, bible-reading psychopath?

In the meantime, enjoy the score.

Dead Man is a 1995 Black and White film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. It stars Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Billy Bob Thornton, Iggy Pop, Michael Wincott, Lance Henriksen, and Robert Mitchum (in his final role). The movie is something of a Modern Western, with many twisted elements of the Western. The film is black-and-white.

During the time of the American Old West, an accountant named William Blake travels by train to the frontier town of Machine. When he arrives, he finds that the job he expected to receive has already been taken.

There are numerous references to the poetry of William Blake in the film. Nobody quotes lines from several of Blake's poems, including "Auguries of Innocence" and "The Everylasting Gospel". When Cole Wilson warns against drinking from standing water, it references the Proverb of Hell, "Expect poison from standing water", from Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Thel's name is also a reference to Blake's The Book of Thel.

* Johnny Depp as William Blake, a meek accountant from Cleveland, Ohio.
* Gary Farmer as Nobody, a strong and opinionated Native American who was forcibly raised by whites and later given the mocking name "He Who Talks Loud, Says Nothing" by fellow natives.
* Crispin Glover as Train Fireman, a coal-covered train worker who welcomes Blake to the "hell" of Machine.
* Robert Mitchum as Mr. Dickinson, a shotgun-toting industrialist in Machine.
* Mili Avital as Thel Russell, a young woman who makes and sells paper flowers.
* Gabriel Byrne as Charlie Dickinson, Thel's ex-boyfriend and John Dickinson's son.
* Lance Henriksen as Cole Wilson, an infamous bounty hunter and cannibal
* Michael Wincott as Conway Twill, a talkative bounty hunter
* Eugene Byrd as Johnny "The Kid" Pickett, a young African-American bounty hunter.
* Iggy Pop as Salvatore "Sally" Jenko, a cross-dressing, bible-reading psychopath at a campsite
* Billy Bob Thornton as Big George Drakoulious, a mountain man at Sally's campsite
* Jared Harris as Benmont Tench, a knife-toting member of Sally's company
* Alfred Molina as Trading Post Missionary, a corrupt missionary and businessman.
* Gibby Haynes as Man with Gun in Alley


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