Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs (74)

Growing up, I was very lucky to have access to lots of music. But Bridge of Sighs has to be one of the most influentially "guitar" records for me as a part time guitar player myself.

When I first herd this recording I must have been 19 or 20 years old. You know those years, when you think you got it "down and and all laid out" You think your all plugged in as an adult. But little do you know, there is a pile of shit around the corner that will really turn you into a man/woman. ( consequences for your choices) HA!. As those couple of years moved forward, Bridge of Sighs was still part of the soundtrack to my life. For those years, it was when I first discovered Sex, Drugs, and Rock Roll in the ADULT WORLD. And all the consequences that come with those adult choices. The bridge to becoming a real man. Hence the title being very appropriate...
But what a great record. It still stands the test of time.

Those wacky 60's kids had Hendrix/Clapton. But us 70's kids had Trower and Page.

Bridge of Sighs is guitarist and songwriter Robin Trower's second solo album. It was released in 1974. The album was produced by organist Matthew Fisher, formerly Trower's bandmate in Procol Harum. Acclaimed Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick was this album's sound engineer.

The album may have been named after the actual Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy Bridge of Sighs was a breakthrough album for Trower, and known to most fans as his best. This is his second album after leaving Procol Harum. Songs on this album have become live concert staples for Trower such as "Bridge Of Sighs", "Too Rolling Stoned", "Day Of The Eagle" and "Little Bit Of Sympathy". Bridge of Sighs (Chrysalis 1057) reached #7 in the US during a chart stay of 31 weeks. It was certified gold September 10, 1974. Different printings of the original album cover had the front image inverted.

Track listing

1. "Day Of The Eagle" (Trower) – 4:59
2. "Bridge Of Sighs" (Trower) – 5:05
3. "In This Place" (Trower) – 4:28
4. "The Fool And Me" (Trower-Dewar) – 3:57
5. "Too Rolling Stoned" (Trower) – 7:29
6. "About To Begin" (Trower) – 3:43
7. "Lady Love" (Trower-Dewar) – 3:21
8. "Little Bit Of Sympathy" (Trower) – 4:20

* Robin Trower – guitar
* James Dewar – bass, vocals
* Reg Isidore – drums

Bridge of Sighs

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