Ahkmed - In Your Neck of the Dying Woods

Ahkmed - In Your Neck of the Dying Woods

Reviewed by Andy "Dinger" Beresky (StonerRock.com)

Melbourne, Australia's Ahkmed is really on to something. Their self-described sound is "post-stoner," and that's an apt des c r i p tion, as the band fuses the more traditional psych and fuzz utilized so often by the best of the stoner bunch with the more atmospheric instrumental approach of bands such as Pelican and the more recent Mogwai albums. Cool concept - it's like somebody put chocolate in my peanut butter, and peanut butter in my chocolate, and I'm loving it. What's even cooler is that this trio isn't afraid to throw a little kraut into the mix as well, and while that might sound really disgusting if we were still talking about peanut butter and chocolate, musically it works well.* I hear echoes of Neu!, Amon Duul II, and Tangerine Dream in some of these sprawling tracks. Oh, and for the record, the last track has vocals; the other three do not. These guys have been around since 1998, and it's a shame that they haven't gathered more notoriety, because this is pretty intriguing stuff, and they actually manage to take modern heavy psych and put their own spin on it. I really can't recommend this enough. Now come to America so I can see it all live.

*For the record, I do hold the patent for a candy bar that mixes the enticing flavors of peanut butter, chocolate, and sauerkraut.

AHKMED - In your neck in the dying woods

The Australian Psychedelic Stoner Rockers are back with a EP, called IN YOUR NECK IN THE DYING WOODS. Especially the guitar sound and the kind of playing are unique for the scene. What Carlo, JP, Dan and Dave did on these 4 tracks is very innovative and really unique for the scene. Long sounds capes get breached through heavy Stoner riffs and I haven’t heard a band so far who created such awesome psychedelic guitar music. KIRRAE is a great, 10 minute long opener with silent moments. A must have for Hawkwind fans. ILANESIA follows in the same direction before CURLIE will give you some vocals. Get it - awesome band!

Live at the Espy, 2003. Review by Neil Wedd

"Ahkmed set their controls for the heart of the sun. Pink Floyd meets Mudhoney. Moving to another astral plane. Relentless riffing that goes on forever. Close your eyes, take another toke and it all becomes clear. A definite experience. During the last song a bloke began dancing, jumped up on stage danced around and made a huge leap off it. He was in the moment."


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...Wino this is pretty sweet...pulses backwards and forwards at the same time..and that can only mean good...music that references the past and moves into the present future while waving as it floats by has a permanent place in my few remaining memory cells....dog bless dard hrives...love the blog more and more..