STONEWALL - Stoner (US Hard Rock 1974)

Here's a re-up from MUD. Great record.


This very rare and spectacular hard rock band from the USA circa 1974. They got everything. Wah. Harp. Nice vox. Organ... And finally that classic 70's Marshall tone. (see cover) Check out the cut "Bloody Mary" with all it's salty harp solos. And if that wasn't enough of a brain melter, "Outer Space" slams in right behind that cut, with some monstrous astro mind blowing lyrics.

Okay you old school stoners from back in the day... go ahead...its' okay...I won't tell... break out your "Keep On Truckin" black light posters and play this LOUD! Great Album. - wino


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Peta Byte said...

Hey WINO that review hit my G SPOT
big time and now I'm wallowing in the STONEWALL GROOVE. Marshall/Gibson wot a fuckin' double act they are.
Keep It Right Up Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!