Travis Wammack - Not For Sale (Capricorn 1975)

Thanks to Synfan for this post. I'm all about Capricorn Records and FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals. Here's an artist from both. - wino


Travis Wammack is mostly known for his work in the 60's, instrumentals with fiery guitarworks and r&b infused rock. But he's made two great southern rock albums during the 70's. Both very much r&b influenced and both very much worth getting your hands on. The first (Travis Wammack on Fame 1972) is the most rare. It's a very fine record. But the second album (Not For Sale on Capricorn 1975), though still fairly easy to find as a used album, is the better of the two. Easily one of my all time favorite southern rock albums of the 70's. -Skydog

1. Cookin' on the Front Burner
2. A Lover's Question
3. Shotgun Woman
4. I Forgot to Remember
5. Looking for a Fox
6. You've Got Your Troubles
7. Love Being Your Fool
8. Easy Evil
9. Love Rustler
10. Greenwood Mississippi



brandonio said...

thanks fella i have been a huge fan of Mr.Wammack for several years now. I was only familar with his awesome work from the 60's as you mentioned. You should post that album too, for everyone to get the chance to listen to a real freak on the guitar. That shit is crazy man.

Karel said...

This is indeed a great album!!
Thanks a lot!