Wildfire (ST) 1970

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The 1970 Demo Album

When Wildfire determined it was time to cut a demo album, they began in California at the Beach Boysí studio, putting down the bass and guitar tracks. Wildfire guitarist Randy Love is Beach Boy Mike Loveís cousin. A Texas promoter convinced the band that Texas was the place they wanted to be and the place they wanted to record, and the boys returned to Austin, eventually ending up at Sonobeatís Western Hills Drive studio toward the end of the year. There they cut a demo of original music, 8 power-packed songs of timeless rock and roll. Sonobeat owner Bill Josey, Sr. produced and engineered this demo album which, like all of Sonobeatís classic demos, was released in a plain white jacket with hand-written numbers on white stickers.

According to Pat Quilter, ìto my knowledge, this was the only recording of Quilter amps used at full power.î

In addition to the few copies given out in Austin, the demo was sold at Sound Spectrum, a record store in Southern California owned by Jimmy Otto at the time. Wildfire gave only 100 albums to the store, and they were sold out in 2 days. The store begged fore more, and Sound Spectrum was given an additional 100 albums. They were sold out in a matter of hours, setting an all-time record albums at the store, per Jimmy Otto.

The authorized demo album has a white cover with an adhesive label. The label on the vinyl reads ìPrimoî and was drawn by Randy Love. Autumn Leaves and BMI were on the label.

01. Stars in the Sky

02. Down to Earth

03. Time Will Tell

04. Donít Look For Me

05. Free

06. What Have I Got Now

07. Let It Happen

08. Quicksand


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