The Flow - greatest hits (1972)

"Wino - why don't you post some more of that freak rock weird shit you got?" say a reader of mud. Well my brothas and sistas...I leave you with this LAST album post in the year of the PIG. A great lil' album. Take it all. Go ahead. Grab it people. Zepp 111 and Sabbath tones here. Fuzz. Acoustic. Wah....and if ya haven't figured it out yet by now, we all know the world needs more FUZZ.

Okay...I might just have one more present for you regular readers of Mud.. Let's just say, it'll be for the poor boys of winter. Stay tuned.

( is that the ol' fat basterd himself, I see on the control board)



"In those rebellious and psychedelic times we barely earned enough to pay for food at times, while developing our musical horizons. I am amazed we survived those days. Eventually, we became a 3 piece band - The Flow. We rented a room in NYC -- also renting a room was Wicked Lester, a band later to be known as KISS. We used the space for our own explorations. With our limited funds, we could only complete half of the project so we released the record with one blank side and later on, added more material." (Pete Fine)



alan said...

thanks for sharing the flow. nearly all the songs have a catchy hook - i will listen to this a lot.

goinsidemyhead said...

...this is so embarrassing...this must be a joke...it is isn't it...this is almost wrist slashing embarrassing...and that brothas and sistas is embarrassing...that lead guitar guy really should try another instrument...and where's David Clayton Thomas when you need him which ain't often...here are some nice Christian boys in white shirts having fun....47 minutes 23 seconds i will never get back...tell Tchaikovsky the news...