The Brimstones

Summoned into service in 1999, over a sloppy tiki drink bender, The Brimstones are committed to stuffing Rock & Roll firmly back into the clenched fists of the Devil-where it belongs. Hailing from the four corners of New Jersey (which is as close to hell as one can get), The Brimstones have been preaching the bad word to scores of malcontents through their internationally released recordings, forever rallying more people to their nefarious cause.

Tortured by a seething hatred of progressive music, The Brimstones strive to squeeze every last drop of blood out of the primitive roots of rock & roll. Whether it be spooky slick surf instrumentals, greasy rhythm & blues, or trashy sixties punk; The Brimstones put their own decidedly evil spin on these styles to leave you dizzy and gasping for breath. With the Deacon's vintage Farfisa organ at the front and center, and the Brain's reverb-drenched guitar bouncing all over the stage, The Brimstones play instrumental surf music the way you never imagined. And with The Baron's pounding drums, Skooch's screaming sax and Woolley the Bully's nasty bass lines, The Brimstones play garage the way you always feared.

Playing over 300 shows over their four year history, the Brimstones have shared the stage with the likes of surf guitar king Dick Dale, punk originators The Damned, and 60's hit makers ? & the Mysterions. Having been featured on NYC's Cavestomp, The Big New York Psychobilly Rumble, the Heavy Rebel Weekender in North Carolina and even hard-core matinee shows at CBGBs, there are few crowds The Brimstones can't win over. With their incendiary live shows, death/common sense defying stunts, and let's not forget that trail of broken vintage instruments, The Brimstones have been nominated for several Asbury Park Music Awards, including Best Live Band in 2001 and 2002!

Tempting, isn't it? So put on your dancing hooves and make with the shake, 'cause there is no rest for the wicked,-or your neighbors for that matter-as long as The Brimstones keep burning! - CD BABY



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brandonio said...

This i have a 45 of there's and never seen or heard of the band since. Damn this is pretty good too.Fans of the Bomboras will dig this.