Sgt. Sunshine - Sgt. Sunshine (2003)

I bet that everyone, at some point in time, has faced albums which offer absolutely nothing new to him as a listener and to their genre in general, but at the same time they are so enjoyable that you feel almost guilty for any bad comment that comes to your mind.
The debut album of Sgt. Sunshine falls exactly into that category. We're talking, first of all, about a Sweden-based power trio which delivers a well-known mix of '70s heavy rock, acid-influenced improvisational jams and psychedelic atmosphere. Absolutely nothing new in here, BUT, I have to admit that this album has acquired a stable position beside my stereo and I can't find a way of putting it aside yet! Everything in here is reminiscent of bands like Spiritual Beggars (in their "Another Way To Shine" era), Nebula ("Let It Burn"), Blind Dog ("Captain Dog Rides Again"), or even The Awesome Machine (the way they sound nowadays). The inspiration, the raw feeling and the passion that derive from this album though, are present in levels high enough to keep me addicted to this release in spite of the constant "I have DEFINITELY heard that before" feeling of the album.
Destined to find its place in the heart of all the '70s freaks of this planet, this is a release made from (and oriented to) dedicated fans of this music. - http://www.monolith.gr



Graddy said...

This is great . Those damn swedes sure know how to rock. This is right up my alley thanks mate !

goinsidemyhead said...

...i agree this is great...it's got everything i need to get me through another day: loudness...dynamics..that deja-vu thing...and
huge power riffing...regarding whats not new about this, i find myself listening these days to more 60's bands that i ever knew existed and most of them just redo whats already been done and hopefully they add their own personal take to it and you know what it still sounds great...and sometimes a stable music genre is alright...for me anyways....

hills&tales said...

I think Sgt Sunshine's originality lies in the time it has come into being. The junky sound, the latin-like drums sensibility, the dirty guitar fuzz etc make them pretty brave, out there. I find the unabashed delivery of groovy power irresistible. I enjoy this band often. They have great rewind value. You don't get to hear a band this smart with their compositions often. Their musical choices agree with me.