JACK BRUCE & ROBIN TROWER - Seven Moons (2008)

(Warhol with Trower)

JACK BRUCE & ROBIN TROWER - Seven Moons (2008)

This is the third album from these two legends. Jack of course the man who singlehandedly revolutionized the electric bass as the mastermind and creative force behind one of the greatest bands ever: Cream. Whereas Robin graced the first five classic Procol Harum albums with some fiery, melodic guitar, before he had a revelation hearing Jimi Hendrix, which changed his playingstyle forever. So it's not surprising that this album really is 'Cream meets Hendrix' psychedelic blues at its finest.

01. Seven Moons
02. Lives of Clay
03. Distant Places of the Heart
04. She's Not the One
05. So Far to Yesterday
06. Just Another Day
07. Perfect Place
08. The Last Door
09. Bad Case of Celebrity
10. Come to Me
11. I'm Home


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