Aerosmith - Rocks (1976)

Aerosmith, before they went to rehab in the late 80's, were one of the best rock bands in North America. They were under the radar. Main stream radio only played Sweet Emotion and Dream On. Wacked out on Sex Drugs and Rock Roll...they made some great albums in the 1970's

But the Album "ROCKS" does just that....it ROCKS! It's their BEST! This recording is a must have for any guitar player who wants to study Rock Guitar. Take any blues record from Muddy Waters. Any Jimi Hendrix record. And this Aerosmith record (okay and maybe a Zep) and your on your way to becoming a real live guitar hero.


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Anonymous said...

I agree Wino. This one and Get Your Wings are by far the best albums ever put out by these guys.