kickin around Chinatown today, during the biggest snowstorm in Toronto this year. Here's some pics


Anonymous said...

I used to live a 10 minute walk from the Elmo (I thought I heard they tore it down ?). I saw some great gigs there like Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters, Spirit/Randy California, Ian Gillan, Mick and the Cockney Prunes (yup :-), saw the late great Jeff Healey many times in his early days across the street at Grossman's (and he was a neighbour for a couple of years), saw the Stooges and the Dictators down the street at the Victory Theatre (looonnnggg gone). But I'm in the 905 now.

Anyway, I couldn't agree more. Happy effin' Festivus and aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!! Efuckinuff already!!!

'Course it could always be worse: at least we're not in Buffalo ;-)

Anonymous said...

WOW...Stooges...what was the location of the Victory Theatre?

thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

The Victory was at the northwest corner of Spadina and Dundas . A quick google ferets a short youtube video of it, so you can see for yourself without venturing into the white crap again.

It was a originally a theatre built in the 1920's. In its later days became a "Burlesque" club and later still a concert venue. IIRC, that's where McKenna Mendelsohn Mainline did their "Bump and Grind Revue". There's a bank there now. Back in those days, Spadina was mostly Jewish discount merchants (especially clothing stores) and deli's (Shopsy's et al). Chinatown was farther east (no pun intended), but has grown into and beyond as any Torontonian well knows.

The Stooges were on the "Raw Power" tour (1973 or 1974). We were only about 6 rows back. Iggy did his usual crowd-surfing schtick, which was a novelty in those proto-punk days, and stood barefoot on my shoulder at one point. He then dropped into the lap of a rather well-endowed young lady behind me and fondled her breasts while singing.

Wow, over 30 years ago and it still (sort of) seems like yesterday ...

The Wino said...

very interesting ...thanks for the story...i dig reading that shit when it's Toronto music history.

got any old pics?