SYRUP - Sweet Country Rock Ass

SYRUP. The word itself evokes images of sweetness, but the band that bears the name rouse any sugary fantasies to incomparable aural and visual heights with a thick and sticky blend of southern ghetto-fried boogie steeped in bad-ass backwoods rock'n'roll.

Hailin' from the rolling hills and spring-fed swimmin' holes of Tallahassee, Fla., Leroy, Slim Bullfrog, Freebass and Night Train tore into a rock'n'roll rampage throughout the nation, packin' houses with their unrelenting and unforgettable live performances. As soon as these four 6'4"-plus country pimps strut on stage in their handmade flashy threads and fire up their catchy grooves and choreographed moves people don't know what hit 'em as they are awestruck by tight and heavy rock and roll with a touch of ghetto soul.

Syrup has rocked full houses in hotspots such as Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, New York City and Tampa. A nationwide tour in 2000 supporting Nashville Pussy put the boys on the map and in touch with hundreds of newly-born Syrup zealots in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and Memphis, and the boys did it again when they were asked to rock it with Tomahawk on their first U.S. tour, which kicked off with two sold-out nights at the Roxy in LA.

Even with a relentless touring schedule, in the winter of 2000 Syrup found time to record a self-titled album in Athens, Ga., with the talented David Barbe of Chase Park Transduction Studios. Although it's been a long time comin', this full-length follow-up to Sweet Country Rock Ass (1997) and Solid Gold Asstro Soul (1999) will be the debut release on the new Feedback Symphony label out of Tennessee.

Every track on this disc reflects Syrup's original style, a phenomenon drawn from a cauldron of epic influences — Exile-era Stones to early ZZ Top and Skynyrd, from Gram Parsons to Grand Funk, from punk rock to funk rock, Syrup mixes it all together in its own unique way to keep the tradition of hard southern soul alive and well.

Media worldwide have praised the band for the power and good-timin' vibe of their live shows and sweet sounds of previous albums, and soon everyone can sample the onstage action with the unveiling of an official Syrup music video.

Syrup's got the hard rock and funky style that puts smiles on folks' faces, so you're in the right place... now come and get yourself a taste of the sweetness that is Syrup.



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