Mazzy Star - She Hangs Brightly

For the ladies of Mud.

Well I guess It's been awhile since I posted a recording for the ladies who read this blog. Here's Mazzy Star, an American dream pop band. Rooted in the California Paisley Underground movement of the 1980s. Hope Sandoval on vocals and David Roback on guitar and vocals.

Roback (guitar), along with his brother Steve, was one of the main architects of leading Los Angeles psychedelic revival band, the Rain Parade in the 80's.

This is not for everyone, but I think the ladies will like it. File under Dream Pop, Psychedelic Folk, Psychedelic Rock...and hey...my 6 year old daughter loves the vocals...(a good sign I guess)




yflduM.Mudfly said...

I always enjoyed this album and I am not a lady =)

Anonymous said...

if you enjoy mazzy star, be sure to check out Opal

alex supertramp said...

wino -- you consistently bring the groove and make my day every time I stop by for a visit...and today is no exception, but I do have to call you out on listing this as only one for the ladies ... mazzy star have just the right amount of sultry haze and groovy psychedelic glaze to make anyone's night (romantic, come-down or just plain mellow) --- not to mention hope sandoval is hot! this is one for all!!!

keep up the amazing work, i find a new, undiscovered gem every time!!