Saturday I went down to the local Music Store to kill some time - hungover....( i don't recomend that)....I ended up getting a guitar. An Empy burst with a built in pick up . As I come out of the store, the Gibson Tour Bus is parked out front. His band was the first LP, I ever bought with my own money. Staring at the hippe rock star pictures on the inside fold out LP, while listening with my "CANS" is still etched in my head. They looked like rock gods.

I think "what the fuck, I'll do it." ...... I get on the bus, with my new axe over my shoulder.

There he is!!!! Just him, a handler and me. The dude was way cool too. I told him that my old band mate is in the hospital, so he signed a promo 8x12 photo for him. Very cool.

He also signed my guitar.
oh...and The BTO "Four Wheel Drive" album..IT DAM ROCKS!....(well it did for a 13 year old kid in the mid 70's)

Thanx to the great Randy Bachman for a cool unexpected incounter. Cheers dude.



Anonymous said...

You're lucky, BTO does rock!

boboquisp said...

Great story. BTO was great and so was his other group...The Guess Who. Nice guitar and blog as well. Later, bbq

Steve said...

Far Out Dude. Randy Rocks and so do U.

Keep Rockin'