Bonham -The Disregard Of Timekeeping (1989)

RIP - Daniel McMaster

I just herd last night that Danny McMaster died recently. Some rare flesh eating strepp throat thing. He was the rock n roll darling from Barrie,Ontario. The lead singer of Jason Bonham's band called "Bonham". Man...the dude was only 39 years old. Not much younger than me.

...I used to see him at the Gasworks in Toronto with his band before Bonham. I forget the name of the band. But I do remember the last show he played with his band mates. It was at the Gasworks. He was leaving them behind to join Jason Bonham. He bought the whole band shots of tequila and shots for people sitting at the front (including me). I remember it was a bitter/sweet moment. He was leaving his mates behind for the big time (arena shows). To join the "the son of one of the greatest rock bands ever"...there was a lot of hope and optimism. They would be produced by the great Bob Ezrin. They did have a hit too.

This was during the "Whitesnake" craze. Snake was BIG at that time. McMaster could have passed as Coverdale's little brother or Plant's son. The girls/strippers loved him. And from what I remember, his old band played SNAKE too.

But I think they were a victim of bad timing. By the time they hit the road, the hair band scene in LA came to a grinding halt. Enter Seatle, and the likes of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden...and then finally Kurt Cobain. They missed the rock n roll lucky train as they say. The left coast LALA scene was finally DEAD! Goodbye Axl and Crue...and say hello to fuzz guitars via Kurt, Cornell and Mudhoney.

He leaves behind a wife and two kids.
Rest in Peace Danny.

Rock n Roll shooters all round, in the big gig in the sky.


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Boris said...

I just rediscovered Bonham on Youtube. You are totally right that they hit the pop metal scene a little to late. They still deserve more airplay. Their sound is timeless. Great singer with a great band/lineup. Thought they were unique ...