Weird Owl - Nuclear Psychology (2007)

The term is tossed around loosely these days, but New York City's Weird Owl easily qualifies as one of the best-kept secrets in psychedelic space rock. Background information on this rare creature is scarce, but the only facts needed are found on this three-song sampler from their 2007 EP, Nuclear Psychology. Weird Owl is a strange bird that takes flight on wings of fuzz and reverb, with a vintage late '60s/early '70s acid-rock sound influenced by the likes of Hawkwind, Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, and Iron Butterfly. These guys are as faithful to that sound as Witchcraft is to early '70s proto-doom, presenting a brighter side of the retro coin that's just as powerful and genuine.

The synesthetic quality of Weird Owl's music is evident from the hazy opening of "Like 100,000 Sunsets" as the leisurely pace, hypnotic keyboard runs, and nostalgic vocals paint visions of multicolored kaleidoscopic patterns throughout the song. The same is true of "Tickle The Invisible" with its mind-expanding lyrics and acid-drenched guitar licks, capped off by a vibrant solo near the end. The final track on this CD, "White Hidden Fire", is the heaviest and picks up the tempo courtesy of a shamelessly cool Sabbath-inspired riff, while the rhythm section locks into a killer groove, intensified by a driving organ in a spacy jam to end the song.

All three of these brilliant transmissions from a higher plane of consciousness are over seven minutes in length with the longest being my personal favorite, "Like 100,000 Sunsets", at 8:05. The only problem is that it leaves the listener wanting more, and that really isn't a problem at all for Weird Owl. Although I haven't heard the whole five-song EP, I feel confident recommending Nuclear Psychology to all fans of retro-sounding psychedelic rock. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Great band - 10 Beers out of 12


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grifftrain said...

Hello. Thank you for turning m on to such a great band.