buffalo killers - buffalo killers (2006)

Well...while I was kickin dirt trails in Northern Ontario during the summer vacation, I herd off in the distance, some sweet sounding riffs dripping through the trees. After meeting a new friend on the shores of a lake, he went on to play the rest of the Buffalo Killers. Probably the BEST find of the summer. Pure simple songs for a southern (or in my case) northern gentleman. Nice guitar tones and cool harmony vocals.

File Under: American Minor, Thee Shams, Marc Ford and Kings of Leon
- wino

If you were to take a walk through the sleepy hills of Ohio taking peyote and listening to Blue Cheer and Buffalo Springfield, you may end up meeting the BUFFALO KILLERS. These three mountain men include brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard, formerly of the infamous Thee Shams (Fat Possum), on bass/vox and guitar/vox respectively, and Joseph Sebaali supplying the backbeat. This self-titled debut album was recorded at Ultrasuede Studios in Cincinnati by producer John Curley (Afghan Whigs) and finds the boys treading water much different then their former garage rock selves. From the drug-induced rock swagger opener "San Martine des Morelle" that blends wailing guitar and wah-wah harmonies, to the melancholy cries of "Children of War" and the slide guitar locomotive that is "The Path Before Me," BUFFALO KILLERS debut is as much about mythical places and spiritual paths, as it is about rock'n'roll. Carving their own trail, the Buffalo Killers are coming.


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