The Cult - Electric (1987)

I'm not a big fan of music that came out of the 80's on the radio. There was a small window of good music (80-82, 87-89)and a barn door of bad music. The music was awful. Years of pure hell. (Phil Collins comes to mind)

Hell I say. Hell. Until this record came out. It was a record that brought guitar and rock back on the radio instead of cheesy keys, reverberated vocals and delayed guitar. This album and Appetite for Destruction saved the 80's from going down as the worst decade EVER for music.

I think this decade can now hold that title.

Electric is the pivotal third album by The Cult. Released in 1987, the album marked a deliberate stylistic change in the band from a goth to a hard rock group. Rick Rubin, the producer on Electric, had been specifically hired to remake the band's sound.



Anonymous said...

WTF...password, Thanks davek

Anonymous said...

Oops....It worked davek

Anonymous said...

Never listened to these guys before. That said, I like the AC/DC vibe, and the vocalist Doors type leanings. And, yeah I am familiar with the band he sings with now. Good stuff!!!!!! davek

Brandonio! said...

A rock guitar classic, their version of Born To be Wild is even better than the original don't you think?