Sun Dial - Other Way Out

Sun Dial (occasionally spelled Sundial) is a British space rock band formed in 1990 by Gary Ramon. " Other Way Out" is probably a classic now, in the next generation of psychedelic and prog rock communities. This is chock full of fuzzy wah, silky delay, phasers and Ummagumma style reverbs. A wonderful trip. - wino

The band gained prominence after the release of their first album, Other Way Out, which quickly sold out its initial run through word of mouth alone. The album was near-universally praised in the independent music press,winning several awards and accolades. However, the album saw little popularity among mainstream critics and radio stations as their authentic '60s psychedelic sound was out of fashion at the time. Other Way Out remains popular to this day in the psychedelic and prog rock communities, and has gone through eight reissues since its original release.

Website: http://www.sundial.org.uk

Sun Dial

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