ChrisGoesRock´s Favourites II (Various Artists)

I've been blogging music on and off since early 2005. And one of the first sites I got my music and inspiration from, was a little blog called Chris Goes Rock. The music at this site totally blew me away. Records I would have never been able to find, never mind afford were found over there. The detail in his liner notes to all those great records were a pleasure to read too. (Chris also rips many of his MP3's right from the vinyl).

So as a tribute to one of the original rippers in blog world. I'm going to post a wonderful collection of songs Chris Goes Rock put together for his site.

Thanks to CGR for all the music.

01. Moloch - Helping Hand
02. Moxy - Cause There´s Another
03. Sorcery - Slippin´ Away
04. Pulse - Too Much Lovin'
05. Q 65 - Night
06. Neil Young - Hey Hey, My My
07. Sam Gopal - Yesterlove
08. Raw Material - Traveller Man
09. Second Hand - The World Eill End Yesterday
10. Shape Of The Rain - Dusty Road
11. Skin Alley - Mother Please Help Your Child
12. Snatch And The Poontangs - The Signifyin' Monkey Part 2
13. Sperrmull - Right Now
14. Sum Pear - Better Get Down
15. Swampgas - Don't
16. Ted Nugent - Living In The Woods

01. The Yankee Dollar - Follow Your Dream´s Way
02. The Spike Drivers - Everybody´s Got That Feeling
03. Toad - Stay
04. The Byrds - Lover Of The Bayou
05. Twenty Sixty Six And Then - At My Home
06. ULTRA - Lamp Black White Fight
07. The Id - The Inner Sounds Of The Id
08. Them - Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out
09. Trizio 50 - Graveyard
10. The Battered Ornaments - Living Life Backwards
11. The David - Another Day, Another Lifetime
12. The Dog That Bit People - Cover Me in Roses
13. Savage Resurrection - Thing In 'E'
14. Tractor - Willow
15. The Parlour Band - Pretty Haired Girl


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Anonymous said...

True, Chris has been a fixture of the music blog world for a long time. I remember finding his site via the torrents he used to post on Piratebay..some are still alive I think!
Another good psych blog, sadly gone, was Orange Cornflake - done by a Norwegian guy called Knut iirc.