Snake Flower 2 - Renegade Daydream (2008)

Snake Flower 2's first full-length, "Renegade Daydream" [Tic Tac Totally], is so utterly bitchin': it's overdriven, romping-in-the-red hot-rod rawk for kids whose minds were forever fractured by dog-eared, rifled copies of Nuggets LPs, Steppenwolf's gnarlsome guitar tone, Roger Corman cinematic cheapie sleazies, and the Standells' heightened snot levels. Renegade Daydreams' supercharged, fuzz-doused frenzies are the choicest tidbits plucked from, Melton says, "the first batch of songs I wrote after I escaped from the South". Kimberly Chun - San Francisco Bay Guardian

Snake Flower 2 is the musical vehicle of one Matthew Melton, a San Franciscan transplant from Memphis who has had his name attached to such covert rock'n roll projects such as the Memphis Break-Ups and Bare Wires in recent years, but is just now coming to bear fruit with his own accomplishments in the second incarnation of Snake Flower, appropriately titled Snake Flower 2. This week, they are embarking out on a West Coast tour that drags their unique pop/psyche sound up and down the Pacific seashore, lacing everyone's drinks with angel dust, and reiterating the solid fact that San Francisco is churning out some of the best creative material in the country these days. With slight nuances of Memphis heavy hitters like the subtle twang of the Reigning Sound loosely tied into their pop rockets, they intertwine melodic T.Rex-isms and obscure Electric Prune-ings with post-garage songwriting so well, it's almost creating it's own sub-genre as we speak. Their debut 7" EP on the Italian label, Shake Your Ass Records was a sleeper hit of 2006 and added their name to the top of the list of 'snake' monikered bands previously battled out by A Feast of Snakes, Deadly Snakes and Charming Snakes, among many others. Just like the original wave of 60s primitives who blew their minds wide open with actual instrumentation and developed clever angles of the original rock'n roll formula, the lineage from Snake Flower's humble beginnings to their current blossoming force of annihilation is short but effectively succinct. If you're still salivating for another taste of Snake Flower 2, brace yourselves for a follow-up 7" called "Talk About It" on Tic Tac Totally Records due out any minute, and even more importantly on the horizon is their debut album titled "Renegade Daydream" coming soon also on Chicago's Tic Tac Totally label. - Todd Killings: Victim Of Time

Snake Flower 2

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