Delilah Why - Steps On It (2006)

Coming out of Nashville, Delilah Why combines a new rock sound with a taste of yester-year’s Southern Rock. Delilah Why’s music is fresh and pleasing to the rock n’ roll soul in a day and age where much of today’s music is clouded by experimental noises and forced songwriting. Many people just love a simple rock tune with a tasty hook and a groove that makes you want to dance. That’s what Delilah Why brings to the table.

With front man Dave Norman’s soulful lead vocals and the solid, yet sensible backbone laid down by bassist Cullen Tierney and drummer Pete Pulkrabek , the rock tunes come to life leaving the crowd in a euphoric state. Lead guitarist Dan Smith rips solos that drive the songs home in a volcanic climax that make the chicks wish they could have some too!

Delilah Why formed in 2005 when singer/guitarist Dave Sanford started looking to put together a "real band" in Nashville TN. He had been in Nashville for a couple of years, and had gotten tired of the smarmy side of the business. Through a common friend he met Guitarist Dan Smith and Drummer Pete Pulkrabek. The three hit it off instantly, due to common musical interests and mutual respect. The final piece of the puzzle was fit in 2006, when bassist Cullen Tierney entered the fold, making Delilah Why one of the city's premier rock acts.

Listen up! This is no holds barred, in your face, hope you like it, but if you don't F-U rock and roll. In 2006, Delilah Why released their debut album, Delilah Why...Steps on it! Since then, the band has been winning over crowds all across the southeast, one play room at a time. Check it out. It's worth it.

Delilah Why

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