MOOM - Toot

MOOM could easily be from Canterburry but they are not They could easily be influenced by KHAN, EGG, CARAVAN, HELP YOURSELF and a whole lot of other 70 s psych prog bands, they are not, but like some strange cosmic twin they plough the same groove here and now in the 90 s Stunning keyboard and guitar work enfold some of the sunniest, spaciest songs out the LAND GREY AND PINK (recorded at and enginered by RJ Godfrey (of Enid)



dave said...

thank you so much for this gem.
for me this is in my top 10 just great psych.


p.s. anymore of thes guys?

dave said...

Great post nice psych guitars.Did they do any more lp's?

The Wino said...

sorry dave...no more...maybe someone could but a link for other albums here in comments

Jim said...

Only 2 albums - Toot and Bone Idol - both from Delerium records