Miles Baby

Coming up in my 20's, Bitches Brew had a profound effect on me. I'm a rocker at heart, with a foot in blues and 70's punk. But when I first herd this recording it floored me. I never herd something so uncomplicated and effortless. Driving in a truck in the rain. Wipers going. The smell of wet. Pharoah's Dance as the soundtrack.

But yet, it was somehow deep, dark and subterranean to me. It kicked my imagination wide open again, and I started to get back into what I already knew was my blood. Some how I got lost along the way in my early 20's, and Bitches Brew put me right back on that winding road..."my inherent realization for ART"...in all it's forms of illustrated life abstractions.

I've never fluctuated from this since. And for that, I think I'll name my next pet "MILES" A reminder to live life, and smell the rain. Feel the wind. And taste the BREW.

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