The Charlatans - Up to Our Hips

Man...I like this. File under...Brian Jonestown, Oasis, Dandy Warhols..... A very nice surprise

The Charlatans


Smoke286 said...

Wino, if you like that you should try their "Tellin' Stories" album, classic

Smoke286 said...

By The Way since you introduced me to American Minor and Lions In The Street, two of my favourite bands, heres a treat for you:


Burning Tree is Marc Ford's (Of The Black Crowes) first band. They released one excellent album back in 1990. Hope you like it, feel free to so what you like with it.

wino said...

Thanks Smoke286...I just pulled dowm the MF...on to my IPOD it will go. I will save for the sunny beaches of Cuba this Thursday.

Check out "Parlour Mob". A great band. There're touring and I just saw them in Montreal. MC5 meets Zep with great guitar work.

Always feel free to dump links into comments.

wino of mud

Smoke286 said...


Listened to their samples on Myspace, I'll keep looking for their album

Some of my favourites:
Wiser Time
The Brought Low
Pawnshop Roses
Steepwater Band (Marc Ford worked on their latest)
The Stone Brothers (tasty guitar)
Jackie Greene
Big Midnight (They just had one album but it was fabulous)

You are probably familiar with them all, but if your not they are all well worth a listen.

Enjoy the beach