Betty Blowtorch - Are You Man Enough (Garage Heavyrock US 2001)

This post is for lovely lady readers of MUD. Great energy and full of in your face rock. Friday night party music
after a long week working for the man/woman. Thanks to Chris Goes Rock for this rip. He decribes this much better below:

Betty on YouTube


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Bitrate: 256
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Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, nobody emphasizes this lifestyle more than the gals of Betty Blowtorch, a four-piece band ready to rock, drink, and fuck. Imagine The Ramones and AC/DC, battling it out on stage. Now imagine that same scenario, put rocker women in the place of the two bands, and you have Betty Already.
Listening to Are You Man Enough? is humbling. No matter how big you think your dick is, Betty Blowtorch will laugh at its small size, belittle you, use you up, and throw you away, before moving on to the next sucker ready and willing to be taken advantage of by these rock divas.

The lack of substance is what Betty's all about. There really isn't anything here except good party rock, but unlike others who attempt the same thing, Betty is damn good at it. They'll make you hard, make your pants sticky, and make you want to get up and rock out. And isn't that what rock is all about? I'll give this an A.

01. Hell On Wheels 4:14
02. Love Hate 2:41
03. Size Queen 3:23
04. I Wanna Be Your Sucker 3:30
05. I'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why 2:44
06. Shut Up And Fuck 2:09
07. No Integrity 2:56
08. Frankie 3:11
09. I Wish You'd Die 1:59
10. Big Hair, Broken Heart 4:32
11. Part Time Hooker 2:26
12. Rock My World 3:21
13. Dresses 2:55
14. Strung Out 2:23
15. Rock N Roll 69 2:39


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khun ross said...

looked interesting .... but ....the link is dead. So guess I'll have to wait.