Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol. 1 (2009)

Causa Sui: which is generated within itself. That is, to be self-conscious one must be conscious of being conscious of something at the moment one becomes conscious of that something. Self-consciousness, therefore, would be a causa sui in the cogito. It must be the cause of itself. - wiki

We really got exhausted after working on new material after Free Ride, not really getting anywhere with the songs, so last summer we decided to turn things around for a while. The result was a new working method which demanded immediate action from all involved parties and didn't set any limits for sound and style. Basically we recorded hours and hours of free jams and loosely structured songs, some of them very different in style and tone than the two first albums. Some of the pieces ended up sounding very unique and genrebending, others just plain boring. Now we have put the first collection together of what we consider some of the most interesting results from the sessions.

"I really like this" - wino of mud

Causa Sui

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